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In this section, you will find inspiration, tutorials, events and successful Paper Artists who made of paper their bread and butter. And don't forget to follow us!

Workshop & Events

Crepe paper show › 28 June 2019

Во время выставки FlowerExpo 2019 позвольте нам быть очарованными нашими крепированными бумагами
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London Craft Week 2019 › 28 March 2019

From 8 to 12 May, we will work alongside the artist Karen Hsu (from Pom Pom Factory) with some special London art moments... read more

60gr Crepe Paper presentation at Flowers Expo Moscow 2018 › 05 September 2018

Join our 60gr Crepe paper free Masterclass with the Russian paperartist Svetlana Petrushina... read more

Our artists' markets and exibitions › 07 February 2016

Meet the best crepe paper artists, look at their creations and buy some gift idea.... read more

October: going to school with Susan Beech › 26 August 2015

In United Kingdom, a workshop to create whimsical paper flower peony... read more

Crepe Paper Poems › 31 October 2014

On October 31, at "Bottega Bertaccini" in Faenza - Italy, will be opened the art exhibition "Crepe Paper Poems" of the talented Andrea Merendi.
Don't miss this
great opportunity!
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