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The Australian paperart by Jennifer Tran

I am an author and a flower smith, currently living and working in Sydney, Australia.

I came to love flower making as I crafted a surprise bouquet for my friend’s birthday. I was so obsessed that just within the last two months of 2013, I tirelessly crafted hundreds of experiments. The results were not always as successful as I hoped, however, I enjoyed every bit of the process. It was an exhilarating experience to see my ideas blossoming and unfolding in front of me. I was able to transform ordinary materials into something so charmingly beautiful. I created new forms and discovered new techniques along the way. There was so much to learn and to explore, I could not stop making them ever since.

When I first started making flowers, I could only use paper from bargain shops as they were readily available and affordable. However, because they were really thin and fragile, the petals could not hold shape and they never lasted long enough. Eventually, I decided to experiment with Italian paper, and I have to say it was one of the best technical decisions I’ve ever made. Italian crepe paper is durable, flexible, easy to manipulate and come in a wide range of beautiful and vibrant colours. My flowers in the 180GSM hold their shape perfectly and the ones in 60GSM are incredibly beautiful & realistic. I love the durability of the heavy weight paper and the translucency of the light weight ones.

As the order requests started to grow, I realized that flower making could be a profession. And when I see the smile on a client’s face, it’s just so rewarding.

Now, I have an assistant who have been working with me on large orders and during the production of my book. I also collaborate with stylists, designers and other artists. I enjoy collaboration as I think it’s the best way to learn and exchange knowledge.

Paper art is common in Australia but paper flowers have only just started becoming popular. I’m hoping that my book with Hardie Grant Books titled Flowersmith will bring attention to paper flowers and elevate its status in the world of paper craft, particularly in Australia.

About future programs, I have an exhibition at Kinokuniya in Sydney within the month of June, 2017. The show will feature my new oversized blooms made from 60GSM paper. The event will coincide with the launch of my book and a series of workshops.

The most exciting experience I’ve had in my artistic life is definitely the production of my book Flowersmith. We had a very short timeframe so I was working non-stop on it. For three months, I had very little sleep. I would be lucky to have a 3 hours of rest each day, even in weekends. Fortunately, I had an extremely talented assistant on my side and an incredibly supportive team at Hardie Grant Books. Additionally, I had an incredible cheers squad – my friends, family and my followers on Instagram. I wrote the book for them and I hope they’re as happy with it as I am.