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Merendi Style, personalized flower in each detail

  • Name : Andrea Merendi
  • Tecnique : Handmade Crepe Paper flowers
  • Origin : Faenza, Italy

Here is an artist who amazes for its creativity and originality: Andrea Merendi.
Italian, from Faenza, he was defined as "Installer, stylist, florist, a little artist, very creative, certainly poetic". A talent recognized in Italy and abroad that has been able to present paper flowers in a modern way.

We had the pleasure to host Andrea, in Arsiero, last year.
When his incredible world of ideas and colors entered in our Paperfactory, the autumn air it seemed infected.

We had already noticed the peculiarities of his creations, together we learned to appreciate and recognize his style, his signature. Signature that such characterizes its creations that the best paper-artists wonder about his personal style. The Merendi style.
A style that, as he himself points out, comes from a precise knowledge of the natural flowers and their characteristics. From these, it begins processing, customizing each detail of his works based on the characteristics and the desire of each customer. His art, in fact, is a profession that converts rolls of crepe paper in art crafts.

If what differentiates one creation from the others is the idea, the concept of flower you want to accomplish, we have no difficulty in distinguishing the different styles of paper flowers. Some of them search perfection, so it will be hard to distinguish natural floweers from the paper ones; others  want to bring out the differences. At the end, Andrea Merendi: inspired by nature to create unique decorative and completely innovative elements.

In this way, Andrea's flowers are not copies of the natural flowers, but they're new objects, small  crepe paper art crafts inspired by shapes and colors of the flowers. They share the beauty and the crystalline perfection that only the transience of time can give.