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La Quinta Stagione - Papier Terapia by Rosanna Frapporti

My name is Rosanna Frapporti, I live and work in Vicenza, Italy, and I am the owner of La Quinta Stagione, where I teach how to make flowers, objects and ideas with crepe paper.

Paper is my passion, in all its different weights, especially Cartotecnica Rossi’s crepe paper, because it allows you to shape in a thousand possible ways. It is ductile, malleable and has a really wide range of colors.

I have always used crepe paper, or better, I have done so for the past 30 years. It all began on a Sunday in November, when I randomly created my first rose with a 60 gr white paper roll I had at home.

In the beginning it was only something I was passionate about, a moment of creativity that I used to relax. As days passed, I kept playing around with paper and through trials and errors, I understood I could turn my passion into a full-time job.

I started participating in numerous craft markets where my roses where quite successful. And so, in 1987, I started to take things seriously.

When I opened my first shop, where I made flowers to sell, everyone was against me telling me: “Paper flowers? You must be crazy!”. But I believed in it, I always did and the results proved I was right: it has been 25 years and I am still here with my paper flowers.

For a few years now, a part from creating, I have also been teaching, providing my knowledge to passionate and creative artists like me by making courses and workshops that I like to call Papier Terapia (paper therapy). The name reflects the fact that who attends my classes does so with the intention to learn, of course, but especially to share a passion and relax a bit.

My future projects? To keep conveying my passion for paper, crepe paper.

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